Consumerist Culture and the Climate: A Crisis

by Ella Hussey  With the false reality that social media has created over recent years, the younger generation has developed a lack of awareness of how their desire to consume fast fashion has significantly damaged the environment. In a study completed in 2020, students of Aalto University found that fast fashion produces 92 million tonnesContinue reading “Consumerist Culture and the Climate: A Crisis”

Trinity’s Urban Garden Project

by Anangi Sumalde As someone who has lived in a city her whole life, I place great value on the connective power of urban community gardens. As the world’s population becomes increasingly urbanised, with more low-income families living within so-called ‘food deserts’, these oases of green allow us city-dwelling folks the opportunity to ditch theContinue reading “Trinity’s Urban Garden Project”

Sustainable Living in Trinity Accommodation

by Ellen Duggan As we fall into another Michaelmas term, many of us are returning to student accommodation for the first time since May – and some of us are entering it for the first time. Between the difficulties that moving brings and the beginning of the academic year, the challenge of living sustainably inContinue reading “Sustainable Living in Trinity Accommodation”

In Conversation with Trinity’s Foremost Climate Activists

By Faye Murphy Wildfires, heatwaves and extreme weather events; every summer is becoming increasingly dangerous. It can be extremely daunting to see the effects of climate change get worse in real time. In order to remain positive yet motivated to reduce emissions, lobbying governments and creating change is essential. Evergreen talked to some of Trinity’sContinue reading “In Conversation with Trinity’s Foremost Climate Activists”