No vegan options? Romaine calm! Plant Based in Dublin: Lunch Edition 

by Ailsa Tyrrell. With the return of college and more than 16,000 hungry students flooding into Dublin, we have compiled a phenomenal list of lunch spots sure to satisfy your appetite. Not only do they all serve delicious plant-based dishes but they are only a stone’s throw from campus, making our picks ideal to grabContinue reading “No vegan options? Romaine calm! Plant Based in Dublin: Lunch Edition “

Charity Shopping in Dublin: The Good and The Bad

by Ellen Duggan If charity shops have ten thousand fans, I am one of them. If charity shops have one hundred fans, I am one of them. If charity shops have ten fans, I am one of them. If charity shops have one fan, I am that fan. If charity shops have no fans, IContinue reading “Charity Shopping in Dublin: The Good and The Bad”

Climate Change and Biodiversity Decline Documentaries

by Ailbhe Cannon Uncertain about how to become more informed about the environmental challenges our planet faces and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the climate and biodiversity crisis? Documentaries provide easy, quick ways to become more knowledgeable on these issues. This collection of eight documentaries offers an accessible and digestible look at climate change andContinue reading “Climate Change and Biodiversity Decline Documentaries”

5 Podcasts to Stay up to Date With Climate Action

by Rachel Smyth DrilledTold like a true crime podcast, where the offender is Big Oil and ordinary people are the victims, Drilled is a fascinating and shocking look into the deepest secrets of the fossil fuel industry. The show has been running since 2016 and has seven full seasons for you to get stuck into,Continue reading “5 Podcasts to Stay up to Date With Climate Action”

Sewing my Way to Sustainability

By Rachel Smyth While browsing in my local library a few months ago, I came across a small hardback book called Make Do and Mend: Keeping Family and Home Afloat on War Rations (with foreword by Jill Norman). The book was a compilation of leaflets published by the British government during WWII, encouraging households toContinue reading “Sewing my Way to Sustainability”

Clean Beauty Edition

By Anna Barry With the sudden outburst of advertising and opinions on social media in recent years, it’s no wonder the cosmetics industry is as big as it is. We are constantly bombarded with ads on Facebook and Instagram through influencers, with videos on TikTok and YouTube informing us about all the new “must have”Continue reading “Clean Beauty Edition”

Must Read Books for Every Environmental Activist

by Aoife Robertson Climate Justice – Mary RobinsonAs the first female president of Ireland and a former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson uses her experience to write a wonderful book on the women behind the climate change movement. In Climate Justice, she writes the stories of women she met who are facingContinue reading “Must Read Books for Every Environmental Activist”