Why We Should Let Dead Trees Lie

by Eva Dreyer Why are we inclined to remove dead trees in the first place? As most of us already know, we have a very fractured and exploitative view of nature. We like to profit from what we can and clean up what we cannot. Our “clean up” attitude leads to weeding, trimming, pruning, mowing,Continue reading Why We Should Let Dead Trees Lie

Formula One: The Forefront of Sustainability

by Faye Murphy Formula One is one of the most resource-intensive sports, but only 1% of its emissions come from racing, with 72% of its emissions involved in shipping the cars, tyres, personnel and motorhomes over five continents to 22 races a year. And it’s not slowing down – F1 has been consistently expanding itsContinue reading “Formula One: The Forefront of Sustainability”

Inside the Fight for Old-Growth Forests

by Nadja Burkart When logging roads were discovered being built into the old-growth valley known as Ada’itsx or Fairy Creek in August 2020, land defenders from all over Canada responded quickly by gathering and setting up various camps and blockades throughout the forest in order to prevent the logging company, Teal Jones,  from clearcutting theContinue reading “Inside the Fight for Old-Growth Forests”

The Environmental Impacts of Recreational Drugs

by Rebecca Gutteridge The vast majority of us consider the environmental impacts of our bus or car ride into college, try to reduce food waste, and recycle – then why the cognitive dissonance when it comes to drugs? The legality surrounding drugs often means they are sourced through friends, dealers or the dark web, removingContinue reading “The Environmental Impacts of Recreational Drugs”

IPCC Report Results: Disappointed but Not Surprised

by Faye Murphy On the 27th of February, the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was published. The publication was the second volume of the sixth assessment report from the IPCC, which analyses 34,000 studies, including 270 authors from 67 countries. It provides one of the most comprehensive examinations of theContinue reading “IPCC Report Results: Disappointed but Not Surprised”