The Climate vs. Capitalism

by Steven James There are a multitude of factors contributing to the ever-deteriorating climate situation we are facing. Overpopulation, lack of recycling, overconsumption of finite resources, and manufacturing of compounds and gases that are destroying our environment are not only examples of these factors, but also markers of a growing global economy. Despite being atContinue reading “The Climate vs. Capitalism”

Degrowth: A ca-Truss-tophe

by Nathan Hutchinson Edgar When Liz Truss came to power, she promised three things: “Growth, growth and growth”. How was she going to “grow” the economy? An environmentally catastrophic series of measures were proposed: repeal huge amounts of environmental legislature, set up investment zones on national parks, and allowing fracking (while banning solar panels acrossContinue reading “Degrowth: A ca-Truss-tophe”

One Minute To Midnight

by Emma Gallagher We’ve all heard the phrase One Minute to Midnight used to catastrophize the world’s use of resources and encourage a sense of urgency about the way we treat the earth and the emergency hurtling towards us. One particularly gripping use of this phrase comes from Dan Brown’s Inferno;  “A beaker, with aContinue reading “One Minute To Midnight”

Rewilding in the Knepp Wildland

by Anangi  Sumalde Last summer I read a copy of Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm by Isabella Tree. This book recounts how twenty years ago Isabella and her partner Charlie Burrell turned their traditional dairy farm (located on the 3,500-acre Knepp estate in southern England) into a thriving eco-tourism business. AtContinue reading Rewilding in the Knepp Wildland

Inaccessibility of Veganism

This article discusses eating disorders and may be triggering for some readers. From culture to dietary restrictions to recovery from eating disorders, there are many reasons why veganism is still inaccessible.  by Clara Roche In recent years,  both veganism and vegetarianism have left the fringes of society to become one of the fastest-growing dietary trendsContinue reading “Inaccessibility of Veganism”

It’s Not Over Yet 

by Emma Gallagher It’s not looking great out there right now, but don’t give up! Here’s five things to help us all remain hopeful about the future of the climate fight. Floods covering large proportions of countries, wildfires claiming acres of natural habitats, oil companies making record breaking profits amid a cost of living crisisContinue reading It’s Not Over Yet 

The Search for an Environmental Esperanto

by Becca Payling Recently I’ve started to learn Esperanto. It’s a language envisioned by 19th-century doctor L.L. Zamenhof to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps in the Southwest of the Russian Empire in what is now Poland and promote harmony between different communities. I’m very much only starting out, barely past Level 1 on DuolingoContinue reading “The Search for an Environmental Esperanto”

The War in Ukraine Reveals Europe’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels And Insufficient Energy Transition

by Enzo Panetta The invasion of Ukraine by Russia in late February after years of tensions resulted in a series of sanctions adopted by Western powers towards the Kremlin. These primarily economic sanctions have been adopted to hamstring Russia’s economy and indirectly deter war, for fear of direct conflict between nuclear-armed nations. The list ofContinue reading “The War in Ukraine Reveals Europe’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels And Insufficient Energy Transition”

Making Climate Activism More Palatable

by Éle Ní Chonbhuí While ‘saving the planet’ we often mistake our actions for selfless sacrifices, rather than what they actually are – necessities. Many climate activists, myself included, have painted themselves as paragons of virtue due to their interest in the environment. Yet, suggesting that environmentalists are more morally mature through their decisions, infersContinue reading “Making Climate Activism More Palatable”