NatPro Centre Awarded MyGreenLab Certification

By Faye Murphy On January 20th, Trinity College Dublin announced that the NatPro Centre had become Green Lab Certified. NatPro, the Trinity Centre for Natural Products Research, received the green level award, which is the highest level of certification and is only the second lab in the country to receive this certification. This level ofContinue reading “NatPro Centre Awarded MyGreenLab Certification”

Sewing my Way to Sustainability

By Rachel Smyth While browsing in my local library a few months ago, I came across a small hardback book called Make Do and Mend: Keeping Family and Home Afloat on War Rations (with foreword by Jill Norman). The book was a compilation of leaflets published by the British government during WWII, encouraging households toContinue reading “Sewing my Way to Sustainability”

Clean Beauty Edition

By Anna Barry With the sudden outburst of advertising and opinions on social media in recent years, it’s no wonder the cosmetics industry is as big as it is. We are constantly bombarded with ads on Facebook and Instagram through influencers, with videos on TikTok and YouTube informing us about all the new “must have”Continue reading “Clean Beauty Edition”

In need of a Tuning Fork: healing wildlife against noise pollution

By Becca Payling When we think of pollution, we think of smog-filled cities, a rusty pipe spewing chemicals into an algae-choked river; perhaps if you’ve watched Blue Planet II- a plastic bag in the ocean. Air, water, and plastic pollution are the three major pollutive threats to animals-, but less of a din is madeContinue reading “In need of a Tuning Fork: healing wildlife against noise pollution”