Why We Should Let Dead Trees Lie

by Eva Dreyer Why are we inclined to remove dead trees in the first place? As most of us already know, we have a very fractured and exploitative view of nature. We like to profit from what we can and clean up what we cannot. Our “clean up” attitude leads to weeding, trimming, pruning, mowing,Continue reading Why We Should Let Dead Trees Lie

Formula One: The Forefront of Sustainability

by Faye Murphy Formula One is one of the most resource-intensive sports, but only 1% of its emissions come from racing, with 72% of its emissions involved in shipping the cars, tyres, personnel and motorhomes over five continents to 22 races a year. And it’s not slowing down – F1 has been consistently expanding itsContinue reading “Formula One: The Forefront of Sustainability”

The Buttery’s Vegan Campaign

by Rory Chinn The famous vegan sausage rolls and chips; it’s the staple vegan option at The Buttery. Many post-night out stomachs have been healed by this plant-based dish. Despite this, seeing it sit alone as a vegan hot meal leaves students wondering if more choices will ever be available? I would like to makeContinue reading “The Buttery’s Vegan Campaign”

Climate Change and Biodiversity Decline Documentaries

by Ailbhe Cannon Uncertain about how to become more informed about the environmental challenges our planet faces and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the climate and biodiversity crisis? Documentaries provide easy, quick ways to become more knowledgeable on these issues. This collection of eight documentaries offers an accessible and digestible look at climate change andContinue reading “Climate Change and Biodiversity Decline Documentaries”

Inside the Fight for Old-Growth Forests

by Nadja Burkart When logging roads were discovered being built into the old-growth valley known as Ada’itsx or Fairy Creek in August 2020, land defenders from all over Canada responded quickly by gathering and setting up various camps and blockades throughout the forest in order to prevent the logging company, Teal Jones,  from clearcutting theContinue reading “Inside the Fight for Old-Growth Forests”

The Search for an Environmental Esperanto

by Becca Payling Recently I’ve started to learn Esperanto. It’s a language envisioned by 19th-century doctor L.L. Zamenhof to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps in the Southwest of the Russian Empire in what is now Poland and promote harmony between different communities. I’m very much only starting out, barely past Level 1 on DuolingoContinue reading “The Search for an Environmental Esperanto”

The War in Ukraine Reveals Europe’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels And Insufficient Energy Transition

by Enzo Panetta The invasion of Ukraine by Russia in late February after years of tensions resulted in a series of sanctions adopted by Western powers towards the Kremlin. These primarily economic sanctions have been adopted to hamstring Russia’s economy and indirectly deter war, for fear of direct conflict between nuclear-armed nations. The list ofContinue reading “The War in Ukraine Reveals Europe’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels And Insufficient Energy Transition”

Making Climate Activism More Palatable

by Éle Ní Chonbhuí While ‘saving the planet’ we often mistake our actions for selfless sacrifices, rather than what they actually are – necessities. Many climate activists, myself included, have painted themselves as paragons of virtue due to their interest in the environment. Yet, suggesting that environmentalists are more morally mature through their decisions, infersContinue reading “Making Climate Activism More Palatable”