Biodiversity Week with The Botanical Society

by Eva Dreyer It’s no revelation to those of us involved in the climate action sphere that the protection of our planet’s biodiversity is integral to combating climate change. However, while interning in the sustainability office over the summer, Lisa Cleary (SS Environmental Science, Envirosoc committee) and I couldn’t help but notice how Trinity paledContinue reading “Biodiversity Week with The Botanical Society”

Consumerist Culture and the Climate: A Crisis

by Ella Hussey  With the false reality that social media has created over recent years, the younger generation has developed a lack of awareness of how their desire to consume fast fashion has significantly damaged the environment. In a study completed in 2020, students of Aalto University found that fast fashion produces 92 million tonnesContinue reading “Consumerist Culture and the Climate: A Crisis”

One Minute To Midnight

by Emma Gallagher We’ve all heard the phrase One Minute to Midnight used to catastrophize the world’s use of resources and encourage a sense of urgency about the way we treat the earth and the emergency hurtling towards us. One particularly gripping use of this phrase comes from Dan Brown’s Inferno;  “A beaker, with aContinue reading “One Minute To Midnight”

Rewilding in the Knepp Wildland

by Anangi  Sumalde Last summer I read a copy of Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm by Isabella Tree. This book recounts how twenty years ago Isabella and her partner Charlie Burrell turned their traditional dairy farm (located on the 3,500-acre Knepp estate in southern England) into a thriving eco-tourism business. AtContinue reading Rewilding in the Knepp Wildland

The Importance of Herbaria

by Jessica O’Connor On my first day of college starting in Botany we were shown the famous botany building with its wisteria growing on the front, which were beautiful even though they weren’t in flower. Attached to the botany building is the herbarium. I have to be honest; I was unaware we had a herbariumContinue reading “The Importance of Herbaria”

Inaccessibility of Veganism

This article discusses eating disorders and may be triggering for some readers. From culture to dietary restrictions to recovery from eating disorders, there are many reasons why veganism is still inaccessible.  by Clara Roche In recent years,  both veganism and vegetarianism have left the fringes of society to become one of the fastest-growing dietary trendsContinue reading “Inaccessibility of Veganism”

It’s Not Over Yet 

by Emma Gallagher It’s not looking great out there right now, but don’t give up! Here’s five things to help us all remain hopeful about the future of the climate fight. Floods covering large proportions of countries, wildfires claiming acres of natural habitats, oil companies making record breaking profits amid a cost of living crisisContinue reading It’s Not Over Yet 

Trinity’s Urban Garden Project

by Anangi Sumalde As someone who has lived in a city her whole life, I place great value on the connective power of urban community gardens. As the world’s population becomes increasingly urbanised, with more low-income families living within so-called ‘food deserts’, these oases of green allow us city-dwelling folks the opportunity to ditch theContinue reading “Trinity’s Urban Garden Project”

A Year of Green Labs

by Becca Payling Towards the East end of campus, a group of passionate scientists have been working for over a year to make Trinity’s lab practices less resource-demanding and develop more conscious practices among staff and students.  TCD Green Labs was founded by Camilla Roselli of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN). It aimsContinue reading “A Year of Green Labs”

Sustainable Living in Trinity Accommodation

by Ellen Duggan As we fall into another Michaelmas term, many of us are returning to student accommodation for the first time since May – and some of us are entering it for the first time. Between the difficulties that moving brings and the beginning of the academic year, the challenge of living sustainably inContinue reading “Sustainable Living in Trinity Accommodation”