About Us

Evergreen Trinity was co-founded by Aoife Kiernan and Faye Murphy in 2021 with the aim to inform the Trinity College community on environmental issues within the college, nationwide and globally. Evergreen Trinity will help to raise awareness on environmental issues while improving climate literacy.

This magazine will showcase research being done within the university and the university’s steps to reach the target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This will include regular updates from the Green Campus Committee.

Evergreen Trinity will publish the latest news on the climate change emergency and biodiversity crisis, which is often under-reported in national newspapers.

Evergreen Trinity has a focus on promoting a sustainable lifestyle, with pieces on slow fashion, waste reduction, sustainable diets, active transport and ways to reduce carbon emissions.

This is an inclusive publication that will create a space for students and staff to write on environmental topics they are passionate about. Article pitches are posted regularly in our slack (try put link) and submissions are welcomed.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments. We are excited for you to join us on this journey.

Co-founder and Editor

Faye Murphy

Faye Murphy is a Senior Sophister Molecular Medicine student. She co-founded Evergreen Trinity with the help of Aoife Kiernan, a Senior Sophister Environmental Science Student and this years EnviroSoc Chair. Her role includes posting article pitches, ensuring the publication’s finances are sorted, designing the layout of the publication and helping the team in any way possible. She steers the direction of the publication with help from every member of the team.

Social Media Editor

Aoife Prunty – aprunty@tcd.ie 

Head Copyeditor

Jessica O’Connor – oconnj39@tcd.ie

Copyediting Team

Kallie O’Donnel – odonnek8@tcd.ie 

Juliette Murphy – murphj84@tcd.ie 

Becca Payling – paylingr@tcd.ie 

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Ailse Tyrell aityrrel@tcd.ie 

Siubhan Stockman sstockma@tcd.ie

Isobel Duffy isduffy@tcd.ie

Staff Writers

Becca Payling – paylingr@tcd.ie

Ruaidhri Saulnier saulnier@tcd.ie

Rory Chinn – chinnr@tcd.ie

Ellen Duggan – elduggan@tcd.ie

Bruna Ciulli – ciullicb@tcd.ie

Ailse Tyrell – aityrrel@tcd.ie

Steven James – jamess2@tcd.ie 

Siubhan Stockman sstockma@tcd.ie

Jessica O’Connor oconnj39@tcd.ie 


Becca Payling – paylingr@tcd.ie 

Emma Gallagher – gallage8@tcd.ie

Siubhan Stockman sstockma@tcd.ie