5 Podcasts to Stay up to Date With Climate Action

by Rachel Smyth

Told like a true crime podcast, where the offender is Big Oil and ordinary people are the victims, Drilled is a fascinating and shocking look into the deepest secrets of the fossil fuel industry. The show has been running since 2016 and has seven full seasons for you to get stuck into, plus bonus episodes along the way. Each season follows a new story from investigative journalist Amy Westervelt, in which she digs deep into the real factors behind climate policy decisions made in the USA and around the world. I would especially recommend Season 7, The ABCs of Big Oil, where Drilled collaborates with online climate newspaper Earther to find out how Big Oil has been behind pervasive climate denial messaging in American schools and universities.

The Climate Alarm Clock
The Climate Alarm Clock is a weekly Irish podcast where the hosts discuss the latest climate news, interview experts, and chat with the people making a change in their communities. While the news stories discussed incorporate climate impacts around the world, discussions often focus on the Irish context. This is a great way to catch up on our national climate policy decisions and to find out more about the amazing work that Irish activists and small business owners are doing on a daily basis.

“a great way to catch up on our national climate policy decisions”

Looking to get into the nitty gritty facts of climate change? TILclimate might be the podcast for you. This award-winning podcast from MIT presents interviews with climate scientists and experts to explain the societal factors behind the climate crisis, the impacts on our planet and the viability of potential solutions. Broken down into short, 15-minute episodes, you can grab bite-sized insights into the future of climate change without getting overwhelmed!

TED Climate
As a part of TED’s Countdown initiative, which seeks to find solutions to the biggest problems of climate change, they have created TED Climate. Host Dan Kwartler compiles short TED talks from an interdisciplinary range of climate change experts, innovators and survivors. This podcast combines hard-hitting facts and inspiring ideas to drive home the urgency of climate change while leaving you focused on the solutions.

Mothers of Invention
Former Irish president Mary Robinson joins comedian Maeve Higgins and series producer Thimali Kodikara in this inspiring podcast based on climate justice through feminist solutions. The hosts shine a light on the uneven burden of the climate crisis on those who contribute the least, focusing on women and people of colour. Each episode features an interview with a new “mother” of the podcast, including speakers as diverse as Christiana Figueres, a key negotiator in the Paris Agreement, and Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically elected president of the Maldives. Full of eye-opening stories and inspiring people from around the world, this is definitely worth a listen!

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